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Step by Step Instructions to Make the Most Out of Your Townhouse Space

A lot of the best real estate in Sydney consist of townhouses. While there are many ways to create extra storage and organization space, it is especially beneficial to maximize vertical space. Creating vertical space means moving items off of floors and surfaces to create more storage. For example, you can hang pot racks to hold your kitchen utensils. You can also mount photos on the walls. If your home doesn’t have a dedicated area for art, consider displaying an old measuring cup or attractive serving bowl as an accent piece.

Another great way to maximize space in a townhouse is to use multipurpose furniture. Choose a beautiful side chair that doubles as extra seating. Replace your coffee table with a bench with hidden storage underneath. In addition, look for convertible furniture, such as a sofa bed, to use in place of a sofa. You can even add a hidden storage area underneath your couch.

In Conclusion

A townhouse’s interior isn’t the same as a single-family home. Rather than a spacious, open floor plan, you can create a more intimate atmosphere by choosing furnishings that combine multiple functions. For example, a pretty side chair with hidden storage can double as extra seating. You can also replace a coffee table with a bench that features a hidden storage area. You can also choose convertible furniture that can serve as a sofa or an extra bed.

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