Should You Take Neck Injuries After a Car Accident in Philadelphia Seriously?

After a car accident in Philadelphia, your neck could hurt. When this happens, you may think about going to a doctor and seeing a car accident attorney Philadelphia. However, is the pain really that serious?

Neck injuries are commonly sustained after a car accident. They can cause significant pain and inconvenience, so you must ensure you get fully compensated for them. Also, you should not sign any agreement with the at-fault party’s insurer until you can fully understand the extent of your neck injury. Also, you must consult with your lawyer first before you settle your claim. How should you know if your injury is serious? Read on to know the different kinds of neck injuries and their common symptoms.

Kinds of Serious Neck Injuries

The neck is made of various complex parts and structures, including bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, arteries, and veins. Your doctor will diagnose a neck injury based on your symptoms and the particular part of the neck affected. Here are examples of neck injuries you may suffer after a car crash in Philadelphia:

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  • Whiplash. The forceful impact in an accident can move your head violently back and forth. This can put too much strain on the surrounding structures and result in different symptoms.
  • Muscle spasms. Typically, this injury results from an underlying injury such as whiplash, brain damage, and nerve damage. 
  • Neck strain. Neck muscles can be strained easily, particularly during a car crash. Strains can be mild on their own or serious enough to cause muscle damage and further injury.
  • Disc injuries. The force of an impact during an accident can lead to the spinal discs or vertebrae slipping or rupturing. Sometimes, the discs can be herniated, resulting in different issues in your neck and other body parts. 

How Your Symptoms Can Develop

Neck injuries can develop differently. For instance, when you break a neck bone, your injury can be obvious outright. However, some neck injuries may develop gradually. Because of this, you may not suspect any injury at all and decide not to visit a doctor after a car accident. However, adrenaline may just mask your symptoms, and when it wears off and body inflammation develops, you may experience more pronounced symptoms of a neck injury. 

You may suffer from the symptoms for days, weeks, or even months. Some of the symptoms you may experience include neck pain, tightness, and tenderness, stiff neck, reduced range of motion, pain between your shoulders, jaw pain, chronic fatigue, and more. 

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