Muxe Preico Has Begun Muxeio

The Zapotec word muxe is thought to derive from the Spanish word for “woman.” The letter x has a sound similar to the letter “sh” in the 16th century. This is not to say that all muxe are male; in fact, many of them are women. Nonetheless, this language reflects the traditional roles of the third gender. This language is not the best choice for translation of the names of the muxe.

The term muxe comes from the Spanish word for “woman.” It is generally assigned to a male at birth. In the broader sense, they may identify as either female or male. The word may also be associated with the transgender community in the West, since it is used to describe those who do not conform to societal gender norms. However, the Muxe community is distinct because it seeks to live a gender-neutral existence.

In Conclusion

In Juchitan, the term muxe is a word derived from the Spanish word for woman. Although muxes are often assigned male gender at birth, they may self-identify as either male or female. Some muxes are forced to work as sex workers, but others are forced to be muxes. In such a community, being a muxe is as natural as being a man.

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