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Fun Exercises to Keep Your Kid Truly Dynamic

There are several ways to incorporate movement into your child’s day. Start by setting aside a set time in the morning for your kid to go on a brisk walk or participate in a family dance party. These activities are fun and can help anchor your child’s schedule for the rest of the day. For example, try a mirror exercise: have your kids stare into the mirror and repeat the motions. They should repeat these motions as often as they can.

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Another activity that your child will enjoy is a game called Cotton-Ball Crawl. The object is to move a spoon around to move a cotton ball. Be careful, as the feather-weight balls can fly off! You can also make your child learn the alphabet by giving them printable ABC exercise cards. These cards contain an active task for each letter of the alphabet. By doing all the alphabet exercises, your kid will learn the letters and become more creative.

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Besides teamwork, kids can also learn how to work in a team by doing teamwork exercises. For example, Don’t Wake the Dragon is a great game for younger children. In this game, kids must line up from tallest to shortest, without talking, and simultaneously yell “Boo” to scare away a dragon. By doing so, your child will learn how to work in a group and will become more adept at completing the activity.

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