Accessories to protect from the dangers of thieves

Building a house is in addition to building a house to be surrounded by a fence. for safety and beauty Another point that should not be ignored is to protect the home and family to be safe for both life and property. which helps to add peace of mind is Anti-theft accessories with innovations that are developed every day, so there are new devices. A lot has happened in the market and AYB will take you to update and get to know each other to make choices that are suitable for your home. What are the devices mentioned here?

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5 accessories for a safe home from thieves-thieves


Will it be with the opacity of the tree or the house style? Some corners of the house may make it impossible to see every nook and cranny. The device that answers the basics first is CCTV, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Currently, CCTV can be monitored from a mobile phone. Can be viewed in real time and backwards There is also an intelligent function that can tag faces. movement and alerts to the mobile phone to the homeowner to know Therefore, it is comfortable and creates a sense of security for the homeowner.

2. Anti-theft alarm

Another advantage of a resort-style house is that A garden path surrounded by greenery Can be dressed as a trap when someone walks. The sound of stomping on a branch and a blade of grass alerted us initially. But when the danger comes near, they may not be able to keep up. Installing anti-theft alarms on doors and windows when they are tampered with or opened abnormally. The system will send a signal to an alarm device such as a siren or a telephone system to the specified number. which helps to delay the time while shouting to the owner of the house to know before the disaster

3. Smart key system

Digital Door Lock is an unlocking technology that is used in place of traditional house keys. Can be used for both house door and room door Some models can be turned on – off. through an application on a smartphone It will help prevent intrusion better than traditional padlocks. Because there are both setting passwords, key cards, as well as using biometrics like fingerprints. or scan the iris to unlock So you don’t have to worry about thieves picking up the keys to your house.

Of course, an indispensable function is that the camera connected to the lock can see who is standing in front of the door. Including a microphone that can talk to the person who rings the doorbell in front of the house when you are away. Importantly, this device is also suitable for homes with members who need special assistance, such as the handicapped, the elderly, because it is most convenient when an unsafe situation arises. It also connects to alerts to children for immediate assistance.

4. Wrought iron, mosquito net

In the case of a house that is not equipped with a burglar alarm smart key system or has plans to install later it can install wrought iron to prevent thieves from entering the house This is considered a delay in the thieves breaking into the house. Currently, there are many types in the market depending on the design of the house. and choose the one that suits the style of the house. It is important to choose a curling iron that can be easily opened from the inside. in case of fire or emergency

There is also a safety net. which is different from ordinary wire screens that are made of stainless steel wire. It is strong and resistant to corrosion and cutting, shearing, bumping, thus preventing theft, not different from wrought iron. But in terms of security function, it can prevent theft. The overall picture of the house is still beautiful. Seeing the outside view in full screen is not obscured, but the price of the safety screen is quite high, so it is preferable to install only the necessary points.

5. Smart lights or Smart Lights

It is an installation of lighting in various blind spots, such as in the garden, backyard, around the fence, with both solar power that automatically turns on and off without having to move. and motion detectors with infrared radiation spreading from objects or humans When someone with body warmth moves through the work zone area. The system will detect the changing heat value. and send the signal value to make the light come on This system often works in conjunction with motion detectors, sensors and loud sirens.

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