About CBD in Bangkok?

If you ask teenagers in the 90s that at that time, if they made an appointment with a friend/girlfriend to travel to Bangkok, complete all activities in 1 day, where do you want to take them? Most of them look at the eyes; it is enough to guess that there must be near Silom, Sukhumvit, Chidlom, Thonglor, or Ekkamai because it is a green area. Recreation Pub-food, famous restaurants, big CBD shop, and convenient buses can meet all the needs of teenagers – working age, sure enough. Whether it’s watching movies, listening to music, shopping, or spinning ducks, all can be done within one day comfortably or drunk and dragging back home; there are many check-in rooms. And these zones are probably the top that new graduates will think about because it is the location of the company Many leading as well.

Definition of Central Business District (CBD)

CBD is the central business district. The main area of ​​the city with extensive business-driven activities. Job center social and economic activities of a town or country There are developments and construction of high-rise buildings such as office spaces, CBD shop, department stores, and residential buildings. Including public transportation to reach the most comfortable areas

If linking all the stories that Genie mentioned append to the meaning of the word Central business district or CBD, the reader should be able to see that from more than ten years ago until the present, the CBD of Bangkok is Silom, Phayathai, Ekkamai, Sukhumvit (at the beginning).

How vital is CBD information to everyone?

“Where there is prosperity, it will be more expensive there.” Usually, the price of land and buildings will keep rising. Already by the changing times But the price can jump more or less or can jump Depends on the progress How comfortable and complete; for example, Silom, which currently (2021) has an appraised value of the land around 1,000,000 baht per square wah or more (Huh!) You read that correctly, 1 million baht up (a large plot of land, the actual purchase price jumps 2-3 million baht). The price has gone far; it’s close to Mars. When the price of land is high Investors, or real estate brokers Start booking property in a location that tends to grow, other sources. Instead, sure enough, he saw the possibility of it being more profitable than buying expensive things to resell.

So, whether you are a buyer of a residential property or a speculative investment, knowing some vital information can help predict that in the next 3-5 years, there will be a location with good prospects, creating opportunities for high profits in the future. It will help you plan to buy – reserve real estate in that location when the price is tangible at the right time before that location will prosper far away.

Where is NEW CBD located?

This is what, if asked 10-15 years ago, people still wouldn’t be able to see that. Where is the new CBD, NEW CBD? But big investors or people with high experience in the real estate industry will be enough to point out which locations have the potential to become a CBD in the next era. As Genie observed, the data showed that the two central locations that used to be urban areas (Urban) 10 years ago were given as The present NEW CBD is Rama 9 – Ratchadaphisek, and the next (The Next New CBD) is at Lat Phrao Intersection, Chatuchak, Bang Sue. You can buy CBD products from CBD shop.

What? This resulted in these 2 locations becoming NEW CBD.

The Rama 9-Ratchadapisek intersection has complete prosperity. Ripe, ready to erupt, Boom! It has been the NEW CBD for a while now. But when there is an essential public transport connection point, it is the Interchange between the MRT Blue Line and Orange Line. (At the cultural center station) is an area that has options to switch routes to travel there. This makes this zone a perfect new center of business prosperity. It can be confirmed that this is the Rama 9-Ratchadapisek Intersection Zone, which is now a full-fledged new CBD.

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