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6 signs of skin aging

skin aging problem Aging skin that is sometimes even premature can occur for many reasons, including pollution, stress, eating-drinking-smoking habits. Including internal factors such as Growth Hormone (Growth Hormone) or ‘hormone of youth’ that gradually decreases when life turns 25, all result in 6 signs of skin aging that cannot be avoided. sheer Take a look at yourself in the mirror and check to see if we’re getting close to aging. If anyone still doesn’t know where the signs of aging can be checked from Today we have 6 signs of skin aging for girls. I took it to check my own skin.

6 signs of skin aging

– Wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet caused by facial expressions or repeated movements of the muscles around the eyes

– Deep and dark circles under the eyes caused by the structure of the face congenital genetic traits to stress and insufficient rest

– sagging skin Consequences of declining bone mass Made from the original structure and frame of the face that used to look like a shape Starting to see clearly and causing problems with the cheek grooves

– Skin is dry, dull, not bright from the sun that damages various pollution and hormonal changes within the body. including near menopause

– The corner of the mouth falls down, frowning, another consequence when bone mass decreases with increasing age As a result, the face structure begins to change.

– Lips are not plump and smaller

If your inner health is good, it will help you look better on the outside. So who’s in trouble? I want you to try to come back and take care of your basic self. adjust eating behavior Turn to exercise regularly. and make your mind bright But internal factors such as growth hormone, which gradually decreases with age, as well as many environmental factors that are difficult to control. It has resulted in the deterioration of the facial skin, which is the source of another way to look at yourself for young people in this era, in addition to taking care of your skin regularly. For some skin problems, it needs to be taken care of and corrected from the skin structure deeply.

  For anyone who is deciding to walk into a beauty clinic You have to know your heart and know yourself first that you have any concerns. In order to solve the problem on the spot Correct analysis of skin problems is the source of success in treatment. In each case, different and different methods are required. In addition, the client should check the information of both the product and the beauty clinic to be completely accurate. Especially these days that there is a lot of hype and over-marketing. be more careful Consultation with a medical professional who has been certified by a trusted institution will ensure effective treatment. as well as not risking the danger from the service and tools that are not standard as well

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